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The benefits of using balms over lotions or creams for dry skin

dry skin moisturizer

BAMBOUBERRY Balms contain no water and are high in oils and waxes, providing a thicker and more occlusive barrier on the skin. This helps to trap moisture and prevent water loss, providing you with intense moisturization benefits.

The thicker consistency of balms tends to create a longer-lasting protective layer on the skin. This is especially beneficial for those with extremely dry or chapped skin, as it helps to maintain hydration over an extended period.

BAMBOUBERRY balms are formulated with natural and pure ingredients like farm-fresh beeswax, butter, and virgin and organic oils. These ingredients are nourishing and soothing and are crafted for intense repair, hydration, and long-lasting moisture.

BAMBOUBERRY balms are beneficial for the targeted treatment of specific areas, such as rough elbows, cracked heels, or dry cuticles. The thicker texture allows for more precise application and deeper penetration into the skin.

Unlike lotions, which often have a higher water content, balms contain no water and are high on emollients. This is beneficial for dry skin, as water-based products may evaporate more quickly, leaving the skin feeling dry again.

The occlusive nature of balms forms a protective barrier on the skin's surface, shielding it from environmental factors like harsh weather conditions and pollutants. This barrier function helps prevent further moisture loss and promotes skin healing.

BAMBOUBERRY Balms are best suited for those with sensitive and dry to very dry skin, as they are non-toxic and don't contain any synthetic ingredients and fragrances that could potentially irritate.

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